1. Acoustic duo play @roozcafe #Oakland #livemusic #ukulele #violin #Eastlake #twitter (at Rooz Cafe)

  2. at Rooz Cafe – View on Path.

  3. Main Street soundtrack via KFOG: Talking Heads’ “Once In A Lifetime” at Downtown Pleasanton – View on Path.


  4. Listening to Alabama Chicken by Sean Hayes

    at Rooz Cafe – Preview it on Path.

  5. Mad Karma plays Canerin and Pamela’s wedding (Taken with GifBoom)

  6. There is something in my eye #sniff at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club – View on Path.

  7. Waiting on Cameron and Pamela to get hitched at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club – View on Path.

  8. Some smooth and obscure and some poppy and a little bit funky and some Seventies and Eighties and some remixes too. Nothing the young women dancing in the stage corner seemed to mind … (at 355)

  9. DJ Jeffrey Boozer spins jams, I sip the house ginger beer and follow that up with something called a Moonlight Mile, and the crowded bar revolves slowly around me like a lightbulb held aloft in one of those old jokes at Bar 355 – View on Path.