1. Right lane at Foothill Blvd. must turn right #Oakland #Oaklavia with Ankita at Portal – View on Path.

  2. Traffic moving smoothly on Interstate 580 between Park Boulevard and Grand Avenue #Oakland (Taken with GifBoom)

  3. at Flipside – View on Path.

  4. at Rooz Cafe

  6. 'Deconstructed' sweet potato shepherd's pie with a side of kimchi with Ankita at Cleveland Heights – View on Path.

  7. #tbt Rapping in ‘08 about ancient Easter eggs http://music.metafilter.com/2511/Sitting-on-Chrome-aboutinternets #twitter (at Metafilter)

  8. at Lake Merritt BART Station – View on Path.

  9. Cigarette and coffee breaks #Oakland #smoking #coffee #20thStreet (at Oakland Tribune)