1. Outside @woodyscafe #Eastlake #Oakland

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  2. China Camp beach (ii) (Taken with GifBoom)

  3. China Camp beach (i) (Taken with GifBoom)

  4. #laterpath at China Camp State Park – View on Path.

  5. #laterpath at China Camp State Park – View on Path.

  6. "It’s not food, it’s violence" protesters speaking out against meat say, before heading across street toward the Trader Joe’s. "I don’t mind them speaking their minds," said a shaven-headed dude (who said he’d picketed sites as a member of a carpenters union) standing in line next to me, "but when they walk inside the place is where they cross the line, in my opinion. Plus, you know, if it was a bunch of brothers like you and me, someone would call OPD on us." at Chipotle Mexican Grill – View on Path.


  7. At Guitar Center

    Guutar pick re-up, and exercise of self control aka not signing up for layaway on an electric-acoustic bass – at Guitar Center – See on Path.

  8. Hunting the wild package, missed-you delivery slip by missed-you delivery slip at GSO Distribution Center – View on Path.

  9. Waiting on a friend for breakfast at Lynn & Lu’s Escapade Cafe – View on Path.