1. Note to whoever stole my bicycle seat: Thanks. Thanks a lot. at 19th St. Oakland BART Station – View on Path.


  2. At ACLU of Northern California

    Freedom of information-ing with the SPJ NorCal homies – at ACLU of Northern California – See on Path.


  3. Listening to Dancin’ By Myself by Ambrosia

    #Smoothday at Bar 355 – Preview it on Path.

  4. #laterpath at Berkeley Farmer’s Market – View on Path.


  5. Listening to Small Window by Luluc

    at Oakland Tribune – Preview it on Path.


  6. Listening to The Heat by Jungle

    at Gold’s Gym – Preview it on Path.

  7. Yawning through stretches, limping through the ‘mill at Gold’s Gym – View on Path.

  8. #JoeCarlSays do your laundry, because clean chonies are a must #twitter (at Woody’s Laundromat)

  9. Chore time companions: Strike light brown ale and Line 51 Leadoff blonde IPA at Rooz Cafe – View on Path.