1. Yamuna Expressway taught me (Taken with GifBoom)

  2. #SundaySelfie #SelfieSunday with wayback shots of a certain someone (at I p extension)


  3. My new sounds:


  4. I was surprised when you told me
    you were thinking about getting on the plane
    maybe heading to Dallas or Miami
    further south after that
    I don’t think it’s a problem
    if it was, you would solve them
    and you know it’s a thing
    you’ve been thinking about this and that, yeah

    Traveling alone, getting in the wind
    traveling alone, the ultimate luxury, your latest sin
    traveling alone, seeing if you can get into
    traveling alone

    I remember talking to you after
    and thinking it’s the opposite of fear
    I had enough presence of mind to joke
    we just can’t seem to stay in the same hemisphere
    You’ve got your bags you’ve got your ticket
    You’ve got your outfit I’m sure you look wicked
    But what matters is not what you look like
    but how you look upon the world around you

    The truth is we are all traveling alone
    but it was nice to travel with you for a while

  5. Reckoning #WalnutCreek (at H&R Block)

  7. Open mic/movie night #Oakland (at Grand Lake Coffee House)

  8. Help wanted #Oakland

  9. Mazel tov bitches